Woon Reloaded RO Client download:

To download the lite or full installer of WoonRO, please use the links below:

CLICK HERE to Download the lite installation Updated: 24th July 2012

Lite Client Instructions: If you are going to use the lite patch all you need to do is install this in a new folder, then copy and paste your data.grf and rdata.grf into this folder.

You can also download the full client here  Updated: 28th July 2012

If this client is too big for you, then use the lite client.

CLICK HERE for RCX and NO Texture grfs

Ragnarok Client download

To download a full installation for Ragnarok Online, please download from any of the links below:

Direct download:

CLICK HEREto Download the rdata.grf file - Updated 4/15/2012

Multiple parts:

If you have any previous RO you should have these 2 files and you do not need to downlod them.

Full Installer Instructions: (If you don't know what you are doing or you do not have an RO Client installed.You should download all 12 files: data.grf parts 1-7, rdata.grf, the BGM pack, the DLL pack and the two replacement patchers from the Multiple parts) Create a new folder for Ragnarok and add the files there and then extract all the .rar files to the same folder. Now extract the WoonReloaded lite client into the Ragnarok folder and then start playing using WoonRO Patcher.exe.

Extra Downloads:

Emblem Pack contains 2855 Guild Emblems