Woon RO Client download:

To download the lite or full installer of WoonRO, please use the links below:

Full Client
Updated March 25 2014.
Direct WoonRO Full Client
Due to possible file corruption, we will not be hosting a torrent full client.

Updated February 6 2014.
Torrent Lite Client
Direct Lite client

Click Here for ROMed

Lite Client Instructions: If you are going to use the lite patch all you need to do is install this in a new folder, then copy and paste your data.grf and rdata.grf into this folder.

Keep in mind this lite client does not include the BGM folder nor the mouse freedom. You must download those on your own bellow. Mouse freedom has been known to give many players significant lag.

CLICK HERE for RCX and NO Texture grfs

CLICK HERE to Download the Mouse freedom file.

Ragnarok Client download

To download a clean full installation for Ragnarok Online, Click Here

This will not have any of the WoonRO files, so you will need a lite client.

Direct download:

If you have any previous RO you should have these 2 files and you do not need to downlod them.

Extra Downloads:

Emblem Pack contains 2855 Guild Emblems