Greetings from everyone at WoonRO.

This is a server that has been around for over 2 years without any wipes. If you are looking for a stable server that will not close in a few months, has constant updates and new content, has active staff and administration, an active community and promotes fair game play, then WoonRO is for you.

However, WoonRO has very little tolerance for people that do not follow our rules. Please be sure to read the rules before starting your journey on WoonRO.

Name K D S
Doctore 7058 5073 40
- mihhoo - 2837 1412 21
100s 2794 1444 22
The Destro 2583 768 132
Kieve 2104 1738 12
Name Kills
Swabe x 524
BrownSequard x 323
pop0 x 219
Crimson Tide x 199
Minley x 154
Name Emblem Breaks
Shadows Ma 2
Freeza 1
Swampert 1
AimeeLorra 1
Love Road 1